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    I use Garmin watch and I have problems with setting my HR zones.
    Can you help me accomodate/move zones form 80/20 into Garmn zones?
    My LTHR for running is 166 and for cycling 164

    And what about swimming and HR zones?
    I know that we usually use pace in training plans but I would like to know my training stres score/regeneration time but it is impossible without hr πŸ™

    Thanks for yor help and suggestions


    Hi Sensei,

    I’m going to leave the Garmin question to another, but I can answer on heart rate and swimming.

    In order to get heart rate data you need to wear the chest strap in the pool. If you do, it will then give you pretty accurate data when you download your workout, but honestly, I find pace to be a better metric for the pool because you can test it regularly and then use it as a target/proxy for HR on exertion. For example, I look at my paces at 30 second (25s) as Z4, 2 minute (100s) Z3, 10-12 minutes (500s) Z2, and 30 min Z1 and check in on these monthly on recovery weeks. I use training peaks and get a sTSS number when you don’t use a chest strap.

    David Warden


    Garmin is the most compatible device with TrainingPeaks, I think you’ll enjoy the plan.

    The one process you are missing is the steps in the document Getting Started with 80/20 Training

    Garmin and 80/20 zones are different and not compatible. When you adopt the 80/20 system, you set aside other zone systems. The structured workouts that are delivered to your device replace Garmin zones with the zones provided by the workout author, which include your custom zones as defined in TP per that document above.



    Thnaks for your answer πŸ™‚

    I don’t quite get it
    “The structured workouts that are delivered to your device replace Garmin zones with the zones provided by the workout author”
    Will they replace zones on my watch? In my GC app?
    If not then my training load, rest time, tss (on the watch) will be messed up, am I right?

    So far I set my zones as you advised here:
    Zone 1 and 2 – Garmin zone 1
    Zone X – Garmin zone 2
    Zone 3 – Garmin zone 3
    Zone Y and 4 – Garmin zone 4
    Zone 5 – Garmin zone 5

    I hope I will work

    David Warden


    You’ll note at the top of that document we state: “If you have an 80/20 electronic run or triathlon plan this document is not necessary, as your custom 80/20 zones will be delivered to your device. This issue is also resolved by using the 80/20 Zones App on your compatible Garmin device. This document is no longer supported and is not maintained

    I would not use that document if you have an electronic plan.

    It’s much easier for you to experience the structured workout than for me to try and explain, but it will not permanently replace your GC or Garmin device zones. It sends down your custom 80/20 zones with the workout, and your workout will use those zones, not the GC or Garmin device zones. Therefore, you don’t need to try and force the 80/20 zones into Garmin, it just doesn’t use the Garmin zones for that workout.



    Ok, thanks πŸ™‚

    Anyway I use pace for running and power for cycling – don’t really look at HR but I am still confused what zones or % of hr should I set on the watch. Some default zones?

    If I am correct the hr zones I set are connected with my training load, training status or recovery time. I find the info useful and would like to use it in my trainings πŸ™‚

    Thanks again
    Regards πŸ˜‰

    David Warden

    I see what you are saying. Garmin has their own proprietary PMC (Performance Management Chart), which is dependent on your settings in GC. I can’t speak to their PMC or how it works, I just don’t use it. You really don’t need it with an 80/20 plan, as we have calculated the recovery time for you. The Garmin PMC might be helpful if you are not using a plan at all, so you can decide day-to-day what activities to use, but if you have a proven plan, I don’t think you need Garmin to tell you how recovered you are.

    At the very least, I suppose that you should have the same threshold HR set in TP as you have set in GC, and those should remain aligned (you’ll have to maintain and update those separately). Otherwise, my advise to you is the same as my first post, “Garmin and 80/20 zones are different and not compatible. When you adopt the 80/20 system, you set aside other zone systems.”


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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