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Hydration Pack Recommendation

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am in the market for a hydration pack for running. I am currently using a belt with a 24oz bottle, but I am looking for something that holds more water, can fit on the back, etc.

    Anyone have any recommendations?



    Hi Andrew,

    You would be looking at two popular options – a hydration backpack with a bladder on back or a vest with bottles in front pockets. It’s a matter of personal choice which option you like more. I use both. I use 2L backpack (Teton for $25 two years no problem so far) on long weekend runs up to 4 hours. But its bladder is not as easy to refill and you have to suck water through the hose. There are backpacks with larger bladders like 4L, but they seem too heavy to run with. If you want to carry less you can either choose to smaller bladder or a vest with 2 bottles in front usually 0.5L each. I see that people tend to use vests with front bottles more than backpacks with bladders on back. Bottles are easier to refill, easier to drink from without taking bottle out and normally 2×0.5L is enough between aid stations unless you run something difficult. On my last 50k trail race I took them both and just swapped them to save time on aid stations. My vest is Salomon ADV HYDRA VEST 8 having good reviews among trail runners. I liked running with the backpack more than with the vest, because I didn’t like how full bottles hang in front on rocks and downhills, bun on a longer race I will take vest because bottles are easier to refill and drink from and I save energy in long-term by carrying 1L vs 2L. Hope this helps. I am a newbie in ultra/trail running though.


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    Thank you, Yury! Very helpful!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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