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I had an amazing IM70.3 Race!

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    Hey guys – Just wanted to reach out to you after racing last weekend in IM70.3 Aix-en-Provence in France. I was meant to be in Utah, but COVID travel restrictions prevented….

    I followed the Level 3 IM70.3 plan, and wow – I had quite a performance! Its a really competitive race, and I finished in 5hrs 5mins, and 9th in my age group (45-49)!

    My swim felt strong and measured with a time of 33mins.

    Strong headwinds slowed everyone down on the bike, but I felt really strong finishing with a spot on 82% effort with normalised power of 228watts with 1200m of climbing in 2hrs48mins.

    The run was just a dream, and I used Stryd run power to completely empty myself, with a PB 1hr35mins for the half marathon.

    Overall, 8020 training enabled me to beat my previous course time at Aix-en-Provence by a whopping 35 minutes! AWESOME!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Congratulations on a fantastic performance! Thanks for sharing the good news with us. Enjoy a well-earned rest.


    What an amazing accomplishment! A lot of effort has gone into trainings and recovery to achieve this goal. Well done!


    Great job! Congratulations!!


    Congrats! Side question: Would you recommend a road or a tri bike for this race?


    Hey Heiko

    I have done this race 4 times now; 3 times on a tri bike and once on a road bike. I did the race this year on my road bike (Specialized SL7 Pro), and I would recommend a road bike. The bike course terrain is either going up or going down with only 2 real flat sections that areabout 10k each. The road bike gave me more confidence on the descents and their are some switchbacks that required my disk brakes 😉….


    Would you change your mind with a discbrake Tri bike? Did you attach extension or just used the drop bar?
    I am asking because my road bike is kinda old and i wouldn‘t really enjoy using it in a race. I think there are a couple more races in this „should consider road bike“ category – 70.3 Andorra looks also interesting.

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    Hey Heiko – just rode my road bike as is – no bars etc. I would say that 2/3 of the field were on road bikes. For this particular race with the amount of climbing and descending, the agility of my road bike over my tri bike made the bike leg much more fun. My road bike is very aero, but when I needed to I just rode on the drops to increase the aerodynamics.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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