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I need more runs, less swim

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    I’m in week 11 now of a 16 week sprint plan, Level 1. I am a good swimmer though never competitively so until I was 59 year old (I’m 63 now). My A triathlon has only a 400 yd pool swim leg. The plan has me swimming 3 times per week, about 1500 yds each. I’ve reached a proficient level. Contrarily, I see only 2 runs in the coming week and the run is much more important in my tri.

    I’m tempted to add a 40-50′ Z1 slow run whenever I only have the 2 runs per week for the next month and then add a more aggressive run as the race date approaches. If the week is crowded I’ll drop a swim – but which one?

    I tried doing only 70% of the yardage in my last swim workout and it seemed more reasonable. I really like swimming but the plan doesn’t seem to match my needs well. TIA.

    David Warden


    If you want more runs then you shall have more runs.

    I’d recommend each week alternate between dropping an easy swim and then the following week a hard swim, so you just doing 2 swims a week.

    You can for sure add more running, it just needs to be a) added with the 80/20 ratio and b) no more than 20% more running volume than recently completed.

    Therefore, if you ran a maximum of 3.5 hours in the past 4 weeks, you can add an additional 40 minutes (20% of 3.5) without risk. That 40 minutes should be close to the 80/20 ratios, so 8 minutes hard, 32 minutes easy. You can do the whole additional run easy as well.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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