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Including another race into plan

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    Hi guys,

    I saw a recent forum question about adding a shorter race into my plan. I am presently doing the Level 2 full IM plan and am loving it. My actual IM is 12 weeks away and i’ve signed onto a half IM in 6 weeks.

    I have no specific goals for the half ony that i’d like to go reasonably well but not have it affect my development towards the full IM in the week following race.



    David Warden

    Mikey, can you give me the actual dates of the IM and the 70.3. I’m not sure if 6 weeks away is 6.5 weeks or 5.5 weeks, and that makes a difference in my recommendation.



    Hi David, Ok so the 70.3 is 23rd of Jan. IM is 6th March.

    David Warden

    Mikey, ok, this is an easy fix. Your 70.3 will fall on Week 13 of the plan, which is already a rest week in the Level 2 IM plan.

    For that week 13, change the CT31 to Zone 2 only, remove the RT19 and replace the SF2 and CFF15 with your 70.3 (which also replaced the RT19). Skip the RCI3 the following week, and move the SCI11 to an earlier day of the week.



    Hey David,

    Thanks so much for getting back to me.

    My plan doesnt have any of those identifiers on it?

    I’m on the:
    80/20 Triathlon: 2021 Edition IRONMAN® Level 2 (Run HR and Bike Power, 7 to 16 Hours per Week).

    Which i think i started the 28th of September.

    are you able to reconfirm what you think i should do?

    David Warden

    Woops, yep, I was looking at the wrong plan. This is a tough fix for this point in your IM L2 plan. Frankly, the 70.3 is not a good idea. It’s occurring the third most important week of the plan. You have to compromise both plans if you want to do both events. It’s trying to split the baby. I’m really struggling with a solution. I know I’m sounding negative, but it’s really occurring in a tough point in the plan just 6 weeks before the IM.

    Here’s why: You will have invested 17 weeks of hard training for your IM. The 70.3 throws a wrench into training by compromising recovery for the next 10 days after. Unless you take the 70.3 as all Zone 2 and don’t race it, it will destroy your legs for the last longest run scheduled for 2.75 hours just 4 days after the 70.3 You can’t race a 70.3 and then run a strong 20 miles 4 days later. You can do an easy 4-hour brick and run 20 miles 4 days later (which is what is scheduled).

    Again, apologies for sounding so negative! But, here is an option:

    Week 18 (week of 70.3)
    Move the RCI1 to Monday
    Move the RAe12 to Wednesday
    Merge the CF6 and CRe9 together
    Drop the CCI6
    Drop the ST8, CAe22 and RAe1 (these become your 70.3 event)
    Drop the RCI11 the following week
    Move the SMI2 to Tuesday
    Pray that you can do the 2.75-hour run on Thursday on 4 days rest

    The easier you do the 70.3, the better your IM will be.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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