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Indecisive on A/B race plan

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    Hello again. I am registered and have been training towards a 70.3 IM on June 5 (11 weeks away) and just last night registerted for a full on Aug 21. (23 weeks away). At this point Im not sure if I should set my trainingpeaks calander to the 140.6 and just race the half when it comes along or continue my plan and load the 140.6 after a I finish racing my half.

    I completed my first two full IMs last year and a half the year prior for context.


    There is 12 weeks between events so you could go either way to be honest. It really depends if you want to be really trained and prepared for one of these races in particular. If it’s the Ironman then you could load that plan now and just do the 70.3 as a training event in week 11, you will have built up good fitness by then to have a good day – but not be peaked and tapered for that event. Alternatively if you want to focus on an A race performance at the 70.3 then you can complete your training plan you’re on. Race, recover for a week and jump into week 13 of the Ironman plan – and still get all the race preparation (weeks 13-20 on the Level 1 plan).


    Hey, revisiting this as I am 4 weeks out. I read everywhere that its best to do secondary races during recovery weeks (which luckily my race is) but I’m confused on what I actually should be doing that week? Usually I oush pretty hard on the ftp tests during my recovery and obviously I shouldn’t be doing a RT19 the day before my race. Do I just copy a taper week? Should I move the harder workouts from recovery to earlier in the week?

    Also what should I do the week after I race being that I am still training for the following full?



    I would recommend doing the early part of the week as planned, then 2-3 days before the event revert down to short easier sessions. I would not do testing on this week instead plan it like a transition/taper week. Take the Monday after the race as a rest day, easier session on the Tuesday and then back to training on the Wednesday. This will ensure you freshen up with the race, but also don’t lose too much training time for your A race.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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