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indoor training – which tool?

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    I am close to the end of my current subscription period for Sufferfest. I am on the fence whether i should continue it. In the past, i used it in main season for 2 of 4 weekly sessions (the 2 other ones outdoor).

    Since i am considering to subscribe to 80/20 training plans, i assume i would use it even less than today. But an additional subscription (e.g. trainerroad), just to execute synced workouts from TP, seems rather expensive.

    I can imagine downloading workouts from TP to my Garmin Edge, let the device then control the trainer. Which would be basically free.

    Long story short – how do you do it?


    Hi Heiko

    I am subscribed to 80/20 Endurance and use Zwift additionally. So most of the time, I use Zwift “only” as the app to load the predefined workout from 80/20 and don’t use the training programs of Zwift itself.
    I get your thought that this doesnt really seem to justify the monthly subscription fee of Zwift but I find it helps me to power through the workouts if there is some visual representation of “riding” instead of just a clock ticking by. For low effort rides, when you might watch a movie anyhow, this doesn’t matter. But for more intense workouts, I cannot casually watch a movie and instead need something to push me. And here I found that having Zwift helps me.

    As you mentioned trainerroad: I tried it before going to Zwift and here I would agree that the combination of 80/20 plans and Trainerroad doesn’t make sense as you have none of this gamified extra motivation with Trainerroad and you really could just use your Garmin Edge instead (if this works).

    I would suggest you try the 7-day trial period of Zwift and go through a few intense workouts to see if it adds anything for you.


    David Warden

    And if you can settle for just using a Garmin, it’s completely free. See our document Understanding Your TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Plan for instructions on how to sync with your Garmin device, particularly step 4.



    interesting, i didn’t know i could import TP workouts into Zwift. Okay then it’s either the luxury version (Zwift) or barebone (Garmin).


    @Jonas i gave Zwift a try for executing a 80/20 workout, thanks again for pointing out this option. Seems to work ok but i don‘t know if it‘s worth the price. Also because adjustments mid-workout are not very convenient. Apparently you can dial down ERG intensity only in 5w increments and max +/- 20w? It‘s not a big deal if your zones are dialed in but an unnecessary restriction if you ask me.


    Hi Heiko

    it’s true that the adjustment of your target power in ERG is not very flexible in Zwift. But I don’t really see this as an issue.
    If you have a good training plan (e.g. an 80/20 Endurance plan 😉 ) and test your FTP regularly you should always be able to hit the target power of your session. And if you have a really bad day, the +/-10% that Zwift allows, is plenty (in my experience) to buffer such a day-to-day performance fluctuation.

    I would go even further and claim that if you are not able to hit the target power within the 10% window that you can adjust in Zwift, you don’t have your training zones set up correctly. I mean, what’s the point of having a structered training plan and workout with power targets, if you’re not able to hit that target?

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