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Indoor vs Outdoor bike training

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    Hi guys!
    I started with my Ironman training plan couple of weeks ago.

    With an example, it will be easy to explain my question:

    – Scheduled training 2h15 minutes bike with Z1 + Z2 + (10x Z4-Z5) + Z2.
    I did it outdoor with my bike with the power meter and at the end of the training I had 3h of bike.
    Looking at the zones in Trainingpeaks (I use 8020 zones of course), I realized that for 91′ of the total training I’ve been under 110watt (that is the low limit of Zone 1 probably for the downhill). Total TSS planned was 139 vs the actual TSS 221.

    My question now is:
    Should I consider to have completed a training only when I accumulate the same amount of minutes in the Zones, or I still need to consider the TSS?

    David Warden

    Paola, welcome to 80/20 training! So glad you are here on the Forums with us.

    To answer your direct question, you should consider the workout complete based purely on the duration and not worry about TSS. If the workout is an hour and you do an hour, you have completed the workout (of course, assuming that you did the

    – Can I ask a bit more about the 3 hour ride. I’m still not clear why your 2:15 ride ended up at 3:00. Which workout code were you using? I think you mean that maybe you just rode 45 minutes longer today than the workout had scheduled. Tat’s cool.

    – Yes, downhill riding will accumulate more Zone 1. However, TP will use NP (normalized power) and not count power during the time you are not pedaling so I’m still surprised your TSS was so high.

    If you share the workout with me in TP I’ll take a look.

    Also, please review our document Understanding and Adjusting Your Performance Management Chart to understand how your PMC fits with 80/20.



    Hi David,
    thanks a lot for the answer.
    Here the workout I did (with a mtb):
    trying to be more careful this time (time is matching 2h22 193TSS vs 2h15 139TSS)
    I had some extra Z4-Z5 on the ride as I had to climb a hill to go back home.

    Considering that my FTP is today 220w (3,72w/kg)
    Considering the 2h22′ of ride, the total minutes on various zones counted from Trainingpeaks is 92 min. Probably the remaining 50 min are below 110w that is the Zone 1 limit (Zone 1 is now 110w-154w).


    David Warden

    Ah, yes. I also see 2:22 and 193 TSS as opposed to 3:00 and 221. That’s more of what I expected. Also, now that I know this was an MTB ride and trail, for sure that will make it harder for TP to estimate TSS.

    So, nothing out of the ordinary here for a 2+ hour MTB ride. It just confirms that you’ll want to rely on Duration to determine when to complete your ride.

    However, you’ve pointed out an issue with TP if you are wanting to count up all of your time in zones. Because the bottom of your 80/20 Zone 1 is 110 watts, TP won’t count anything below 110 in that chart (to be clear, tp WILL count watts below 110 for your NP and TSS, I’m just talking about that chart).

    So, there is nothing wrong with setting your bottom of Zone 1 to 1 watt. It will make that chart more accurate, and really has no other significant consequence.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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