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Is B Race necessary?

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    Hi David!
    Love your content, from the book to the website. Just great!

    I am about to start following Level 0 Full IM plan.

    Question: Do I need to schedule a Half Iron B-Race?
    Can I just stick to the Level 0 plan without full Tri race, no bricks and be good on Race Day for my A-Race?

    You rock !

    David Warden


    Thanks for your kind comments!

    B races are not necessary, but recommended if you have the access. You certainly won’t regret doing a 70.3 as part of your IM training.

    No bricks? Hmmm, yes, you can finish an IM without performing any of the scheduled bricks, but you’ll end up doing a lot of walking.



    Thanks David,
    Appreciate the response.

    2 last questions:
    – When would you schedule the 70.3 If I follow the 21 weeks Level 0 training
    – Where are the bricks in the Level 0 training? I see always 6 WO/week but cant’ see the brick.


    David Warden


    See Planning Your Race Season for the best times to perform a B race.

    In the IM Level 0 plan, the bricks take place every week-end from Week 16 forward.



    You are the best David!

    So just to be clear from Week 16 onward I just consider CAe+RF as a brick, bundling them together into 1 workout right?

    Ex: Week 16 Brick will be CAe22+RFF3 which will be 5hours of bike directly followed by 30min of running.

    David Warden

    G, I think you’re just missing the Brick workout card on Week 16 and forward. It specifies that the bike and run combo that day is a brick. See



    Got it thanks David.
    Indeed, I just have your paper version from your book/audiobook. The pdf does not mention the brick hence the confusion!

    It is all clear now thanks a lot !

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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