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Is cadence included in bike workouts

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    Hi, Im starting a new 70.3 plan on Saturday and im trying to decide between exporting the rides to Trainerroad or zwift. I cant see cadence information in the 80/20 70.3 workouts in TR. So my question is do the bike workouts include cadence and if so does TR and/or zwift pull the cadence info through when you sync? Thanks


    There is no cadence in 8020, So no such info sync to zwift from TP.

    David Warden

    Krzysztof is correct, we do not prescribe cadence in the workouts. However, we strongly recommend a cadence of 90rpm for any given intensity, at least as the terrain and gears allow for it.

    Professional cyclists are dialed in to 90rpm regardless of the terrain or speed, and ensure their gearing allows for that high cadence even in hills. See Lucía, A.; Hoyos, J. & Chicarro, J. L. (August 2001). “Preferred pedaling cadence in professional cycling”. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 33 (8): 1361–1366.



    Thanks both, very helpful.


    Is it 90 rpm or more or exactly 90 rpm?
    I’ve noticed that I strive to go above 90 rpms (~110rpm) during my CCI workouts because it feels easier to go through high power interval with a high cadence. Am I cheating when I do this?

    David Warden

    I think over 95rom is “too much” but that’s option, not empirical. 88 to 92 is the sweet spot, but higher is not always better. If you can reach peak power at 110, that’s unusual, but I suspect you can hit a high power at 95 than at 110.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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