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Is my FTP off?

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    I just started a power/power olympic 1 plan this week. Week. Last week I tried the CFo2 workout to see how it syncs with Zwift. It synced wonderfully. My FTP is set at 225 after a 20-min Zwift test. I had really hard time with the intervals at 280 and even with the 30 min zone 2 after that. Today during my zone 2 (supposedly 180w) bike workout my heart rate was in the high 150’s. It definitely didn’t feel easy. According to TP calculation of my 80/20 HR zones. In zone 2 I should be between 132 and 147 which sounds more like a zone 2 to me. So my question is, should I adjust my FTP so my zone feels more like a zone 2, should I do HR zone for easy workout? I know zone 2 in the 80/20 plan should be a bit challenging but I’m afraid that if I stick to those power zone I will overtrain. Any advise would be appreciated.

    David Warden


    Thanks for using our plans!

    First, let’s pause at “I had really hard time with the intervals at 280…” If your FTP was 225, your 80/20 Zone 5 starts at 248. The highest intensity our plans would provide you is barely north of 248 watts. 280 is 120% of your FTP, we won’t prescribe anything like that.

    Your Zone 2 indeed starts at 180, so I can’t fully explain why you are seeing 280 at one end but the correct Zone 2 of 180 on the low end. Maybe send me a screen shot of your Power zones within TP?

    To answer your direct question, you can always use Zone 1 when Zone 2 is called for. The division between Zone 2 and Zone X (the threshold between low and moderate intensities) in the 80/20 system is empirical. The division between Zone 1 and Zone 2 in the 80/20 system is an estimate. Matt and I just made a best guess on where Zone 1 ends and Zone 2 starts. There is no empirical data for “low intensity” and “really low intensity.” Therefore, high Zone 1 is still low intensity, and qualifies in the 80/20 system the same way as Zone 2. Feel free to hover in Zone 1 when Zone 2 is called for, and as you get stronger that Zone 2 won’t feel so hard.

    Finally, I’d use Power over HR if you have Power. If you let yourself drift down into high Zone 1 power, that HR will probably match your Zone 2. Power should be primary and HR a distance secondary.



    how can I send you screenshots?

    David Warden

    Directly to However, on reflection, I think an even easier method would be to link your TP account to mine and I can look at your zones directly.

    Follow this link and let me know when you have done it, than I’ll take a look.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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