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Is this a typo-ironman level 0

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    I am following ironman level 0 as I am a hybrid of old and first timer. I am about to arrive at the point where the brick workouts start, and I have noticed that RAe12 and CAe22 have the bulk of the workout in Zone 1. I would like clarification if this is correct. Thats all!! Going well otherwise, with the odd head wobble, but loving the plan

    Thank you


    David Warden

    Stuart, thanks for using our plans. This is not a typo. The primary goal of these two workouts is the long high Zone 2 intervals and a chance for you to practice the same intensity you will in your IM. Those Zone 2 intervals can even be done in Zone X, if that is your Race Pace. We’re looking for a distinct contract between your Zone 2/X race pace in the intervals separated from the remainder of the ride. Otherwise, it’s just one long Zone 2 ride with no distinct objective.

    However, there is very little distinction between high Zone 1 and low Zone 2. If you feel that you have performed the Zone 2 intervals of the ride consistently, that increasing the intensity won’t compromise training the following week, and that any brick run after the CAe ride is not destroyed because you went too hard for the last 2 hours of the CAe, then Zone 2 for the remainder of the ride is acceptable.



    Hi David,

    thanks for clearing that up, and the quick response


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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