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Linking Cross-Training Workouts in TrainingPeaks

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    Apologies if this is already answered somewhere, I couldn’t find it though!

    Is there a way to link cross-training workouts to the scheduled workouts in TrainingPeaks? For example, if I do an RF2/cross-train workout on the turbo trainer, can I link this to the originally scheduled workout or do I have to delete that one and replace with the bike workout? I’ve tried dragging it onto the scheduled one but that messes with my pbs etc as it thinks I’ve just done a really fast run!

    Thanks in advance.



    I think it gets a little messy if you are using the pace based plans.

    If you click on the workout on the calendar you can change the workout type to cross-train and create a new workout name. But, if you are on a pace based plan you will also need to change to a heart rate threshold range – then, because 80/20 plans use different percentages for pace and heart rate zones, you will need to adjust the percentages in the workout builder.

    Better solution is to create a small workout library for cross training and substitute those workouts on training peaks calendar.

    David Warden


    I *think* you can also change the type of workout from run to cycle and this will do it. For example, change the RF4 workout from a Run to a Bike workout before you complete the workout and it will sync up. I don’t think the intensity type matters, I think just the activity matters.

    The disadvantage here is that you have to do this before the workout. If you do it after, then you’ll have an planned but incomplete Run workout and an unplanned but complete bike workout.

    Or, you can also manually upload the completed .FIT file from your device to the Run workout after it is complete and then change it to cycle. Just open the Run workout and choose Upload.

    None of these are a perfect solution, but in the end it should be relatively easy to have a “clean” TP calendar.


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