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    In a couple of weeks I will begin off-season training trying some of the non event 80/20 plans that David has suggested in response to another of my queries.

    I would like to improve my hill running abilities during the break and believe that including spinning workouts could be beneficial in improving cadence and power with improved muscular endurance.

    I’d like to target two or three workouts each week in the plans to substitute with spin bike workouts.

    Any suggestions on how to choose workouts for substitution or other general considerations?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Remind me, are you a runner or a duathlete/triathlete? In other words, are you trying to improve your cycling or your running performance through changes in cadence, power, and muscular endurance effected on the bike?


    Runner only.

    I’ve noticed that older runners with cycling experience have have closer times when I compare their times on track and road. Also, there is anecdotal evidence and some research that spinning can help runners on the hills and with cadence.

    I went through the Stride Academy plan twice and never really got to where I should be with the cadence workouts; when I upped the cadence I consistently exceeded the desired zones. Similarly, there are only a couple of hill workouts in the event plans that are more strength focused than on muscular endurance.

    So, I want to use the prep phase to address a weakness I perceive in my running.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Okay, thanks. I’m not really in a position to judge the accuracy of your perception. What I can say is that you can easily pedal at a rate that exceeds your stride rate in any type of bike session. Some good cycling workouts for building muscular endurance are Variable-Intensity Intervals, Over/Under Intervals, Critical Power Intervals, Acceleration Rides, and VO2max Intervals.


    Curious now…

    Do you have, or are you preparing to offer, a duathlon plan?

    I have the ability to design the workouts myself, but I prefer to let 80/20 do the periodization work (I’m sure there are some nuances in the planning you can help with).

    Matt Fitzgerald

    80/20 duathlon plans are inevitable, but they aren’t in the pipeline yet.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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