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Logging other activities tss

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    Hello there if i do some activities that are not on my training plan such as hiking, should I record that tss and or training plan? How do you recommend I handle that sort of thing. I was on vacation and did an 11mile hike that still has some training stress and I believe it should be included.


    David Warden


    Yes, if you tack your PMC at all, it should be comprehensive (see my lengthy comments on TSS). I would include anything that you think adds stress.

    What value to use for each activity is very tricky, You really have to guess based on your experience with the PMC. How stressful was that hike relative to a 1-hour time trial?

    The dilemma with using the PMC for things like hiking is that it certainly adds stress, but it also certainly does not add much fitness. So, it should count towards your ATL, but a hike should not count towards CTL. In a perfect world, you could split those two, but you currently can’t. TSS applies to ATL and CTL equally.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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