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low hours start plan after maintenance plan

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    hi all,
    I have been training for a 70.3 which – as no doubt for all of us – repeatedly has been postponed. Therefore, I am now (again) coming off the maintenance plan and am starting again with the 70.3 level o plan. I am now at a volume of around 8 – 11 hours / week. Further down the line the level o plan has sufficient hours/week for me but for the first weeks it starts with a volume of around 4 -5 hours/week, which feels too low given my current volume.

    Shifting to level 1 looks like an option but mostly seems to introduce more sessions while I would mostly be looking for longer sessions.

    What do you advice so I can keep my current volume/hours?


    Hi Dimitri,
    you can increase the total volume by just adding minutes to any given workout or split the desired weekly increase over just few workouts. However bear in mind the 80/20 ratio and make sure you have 12 minutes of moderate to high intensity to every hour you add.
    On other hand few weeks at low volume training could be useful for an active recovery time before the the high volume weeks to come.


    David Warden


    A challenge is that we only offer 1 Maintenance level, which is about a level 1. Therefore, switching from the Maintenance plan to any Level 0 plan feels like a big drop.

    Two options, first, exactly as vesstche recommends. Second, don’t be afraid of dropping your volume. You have the ability to make the Level 0 plan as difficult as you want by increasing the intensity to the upper limit of each zone, particularly the Zone 3 and higher intervals. 8 hours a week at 50% penetration into each zone is about as hard as 5 hours a week at 95% penetration into each zone.

    Volume is a combination of volume x intensity. Therefore, when the volume is low, you can increase intensity to get to a similar level of volume.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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