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LTHR and zones

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    I’m currently setting up my zones based on LTHR and going off of a recent 5k my max HR was 204 and I averaged 197 over the last 20 minutes. A previous 5k had the same average so I don’t think its a glitch.

    I’m 34 with a resting HR around 67 and I just want to make sure that seems reasonable as it puts my HR zones quite high

    David Warden


    It’s high, but not unreasonably high. However, it’s possible that our 80/20 HR zone system may have an upper accurate limit. For example, your Zone 2 is now 160-177. 160 feels so high for Zone 2, but it may not be a problem.

    I would validate this against Pace and consider using Pace instead, which I’d recommend independent of a high LTHR. What was your average pace for that same 20 minutes? Plug that into the zone calculator and get a set of Pace zones. Then, run at 165bmp (low Zone 2) and see how matches to Zone 2 Pace.

    That’s more of a act of curiosity, I’d still switch to Pace as your primary measure regardless.



    Thanks for your help David.

    Average pace during the 20 mins was 4:52/k

    I tend to stay around the 160-170 mark as that’s what feels right. Here are the results from a recent run

    6:09 – 165
    6:22 – 165
    6:23 – 166
    6:23 – 165
    6:06 – 167
    6:12 – 167

    Thanks again!

    David Warden


    Your Pace and HR are aligning, so stick with those zones until your next test! Nothing wrong with a high LTHR, everyone is different. I just finished corresponding with an athlete who has an exceptionally low LTHR of 139 on the bike. Just the way we are individually built.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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