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Macro cycle planning

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    Hi, been running for a couple of years (now 49) and started doing proper training last March… This wasn’t a specific 80-20 plan, but it did have that balance of easy to hard runs. Between March and July my 5k time went from 25 minutes to 22 minutes!

    Anyway, having had a bit of hamstring trouble last summer (running downhill is very bad if you live somewhere without hills!), I’m now restarting my plan again, which is based around a 12 week volume building period followed by a 12 week 10k plan.

    Anyway, long story short, I’m coming back to make decisions about what I should plan for in the long term and how I should build plans together for the long term. I’d like to be able to get 5k, 10k and half PBs over the next year and maybe try a marathon next year. But actually I’m pretty happy just training and making progress…

    I just wondered whether there was any literature about how to build longer term training plans, what are you supposed to do after finishing the 6week 5k training plan? Start again!

    David Warden


    I think the best resource for learning how to build your own annual training plan is Joe Friel’s Triathlete’s Training Bible. Sure, you’re a runner, but the concepts in that book still apply. Chapters 7-9 of that book (3rd Edition) is exactly what you are looking for.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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