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MAF HR as talk test value


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    Could I use my MAF HR as the talk test value, when using the calculator.

    The idea behind this is that both numbers should correspond with the aerobic threshold value.


    Hey Jeff,

    If you are using the 80/20 zones and training plans I would recommend doing the talk test during a foundation run to get that result so that you are not mixing different systems and results. It may come out a wash – but the talk test is not overly taxing, and then you will have a result you can rely on with our calculators, training peaks zones and our structured workouts.




    The result from the talk test and from the MAF-formula are nearly equal. But, fair enough, it is better not to mix different systems. I will stay with the result from the talk test and probably give it a second try in order to finetune it even further.


    I figured they would be similar – but it’s nice not to have to wonder and just have everything matching up so you can get on with the fun part 🙂
    Happy Training


    Yeah sure, I would rather go with the fun part right away, but thought it would probably be best to do an effort to set-up things right, directly from the beginning, so that I can forget about it for some time, while being sure to be going in the right direction.

    Thanks for all your help. Really appreciated.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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