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Maintenance Plan scheduling for TP

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    Is there a way to add the maintenance plan for a different amount of time vs the default 12 weeks? For example, I’m trying to add 4 weeks in between other training schedules. The only options seem to be to start or end the 12 weeks on a certain day, but all 12 weeks populate on the calendar.




    David Warden


    Yes, you can do that. TP does not make it easy to “sever” a training plan, but here’s the trick:

    1. Load the plan with a start date far into the future, like Jan 2, 2022. Something that won’t overlap with anything else you have on the calendar.

    2. Using shift+mouse click, click on the first day of the plan you want to use. Let’s say the first day of Week 6, for example.

    3. Still holding down the shift key, scroll down to the end of the piece of the plan you want to use, let’s say the end of week 9, and click on that day.

    4. With weeks 6 to 9 now highlighted, click at the top of any given highlighted day and choose Copy. You’ve now copied those 4 weeks into memory.

    5. Go to the current date you want Week 6 to start and click at the top of that day and choose Paste.

    Easy as fixing a rear flat tire! 😉



    Glad you asked this. I wondered too.


    Awesome, great info. Thanks Dave.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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