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Maintenance Vs. Race Weight Plans

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    I’m starting the Racing Weight Quick Start. I’m looking at the differences between the maintenance plan (lvl 1) with Premium Strength and the Racing Weight plan. Which would you recommend?

    David Warden

    Rev, be sure to check out to do a direct comparison. The Racing Weight plans provide much more granular options, as there are 4 levels. And, if you add 1.5 hours to the Maintenance plan, it will be 9 hours, the equivalent of the Level 3 Racing Weight plan.

    Other than the differences you see on the comparison chart, the difference between the two plans are in the title: one is for weight management, the other for fitness maintenance.



    Good Morning David,

    That does answer my question slightly. I currently have the Maintenance Plan. I was looking to determine if it would be beneficial to me during my Racing Weight Quick Start to implement the Racing Weight instead. I’m taking your answer as it would be. Thanks.

    David Warden

    Gerald, I think I am misunderstanding the question. Can you clarify the difference between Racing Weight and Racing Weight Quick Start. It’s the latter I’m not familiar with.


    The quíck start is the 4-6-8 weeks that Matt prescribes for those, like me, that have a larger amount to lose. It is a short time period where the primary focus is weight loss over performance. It is done during the off season as to not impact performance. Once complete, the focus then changes to the standard racing weight plan where performance is stressed over weight loss.

    I actually purchased and will be using the racing weight plan.

    The workouts during the quick start portion are HIIT workouts such as Hill Repeats and the depleted state long runs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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