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Marathon Goal PB

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    Last Saturday I finished successfully my 100k run (11:44). No injuries on the way nor in the event. I already feel much better and thinking of a super light 5k run tomorrow or the day after.

    I’d like to squeeze in a Marathon PB this year.
    I could pick one in mid December, giving me 8-10 weeks from now. I also have the level 3 marathon training program I started earlier this year before getting injured, and then shifting to the 100k level 1 one.

    How would you recommend handling it?

    David Warden


    Well done on your 100K run!

    A marathon in mid-Dec is a reasonable target for a PB coming off of 100K training in early October. I’d still take a at least a week off from running, I know your tempted to keep going but you can use the break.

    The Level 3 plan may not be necessary for a PB. It is for some, but for some the Level 1 plan will get a PB. You should choose the level based on your capacity for training. Not fitness, your capacity (time, commitment, ability to adhere to the plan). Pick the maximum plan level that you are confident you can meet 95% of the training without sacrificing too much of your other personal responsibilities.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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