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Marathon plan extension

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    I am currently following a Level 1 marathon plan, which ends on the 23d of January 2022.

    However, the race I am aiming for isn’t before April 2d.

    My plan is to continue following the plan as scheduled for a while, and then “cut over” to the same plan, but scheduled for the April 2d race.

    Does this sound like a sane approach? If yes, where in the schedule would be a good week to cut over to the new schedule?

    Or, would it make more sense to just extend the plan by moving the goal date and repeating some weeks in the middle? If yes, which weeks would be best to repeat?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    That’s quite a pickle! Trying to stretch an 18-plan to 28 weeks carries a high risk of burnout. Be sure to plan differently next time. Since you haven’t gotten in too deep, I think your best move is to abandon the plan now, switch over to a (free) maintenance plan, and restart the marathon plan on November 22nd.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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