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Marathon training 26weeks out

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    Looking at 2021 I have 2 events that I would like to complete that I think I can while juggling a demanding job and young family,

    Aug 1st 2021 – Marathon
    Dec 5th 2021 – Ironman 70.3
    Dec 2022 – Ironman full distance (long term goal)

    I have purchased the half and full marathon level 1 plans and the half and full distance level 1 Ironman plans in the past and have TP’s yearly subscription, (all level 1 plans, That’s the level I feel comfortably with),

    I have completed half marathons in training and raced 70.3 in the past, but have not been training consistently for the last year or so. Real goal is completing an ironman, But cannot commit to full distance training this year. (But can for a 70.3 if I use my time wisely)

    So my question is with 26 weeks to train for the marathon then 18weeks after that the 70.3 and access to the full and half plans (+ the premium strength training marathon plan) How should I set out this year?

    I know I should tackle it in training blocks, but any information appreciated,
    Thank you in advance,

    David Warden

    Iron, very excited for you and your upcoming goals! If I were to create the “perfect” plan for you over the next 10 months, it would be:

    – Next 8 weeks: Triathlon Maintenance. Low volume, will keep you sharp, and its free.
    – April to August: Marathon plan. Be sure to throw in at least one swim and one bike per week so you don’t lose those skills. You will be able to replace an Run Foundation workout with a swim or a bike, or you can add a Zone 2 swim or bike on top of your Level 1 marathon plan.
    – August to December: Take a week off after the marathon before you start the 70.3 plan. You’ll be entering the plan about 4 weeks in, so I recommend you switch to the 70.3 Level 0 plan for the first 4 weeks you are on that plan and then switch to the Level 1 plan after 4 weeks of level 0. That will help ensure that you are not jumping into too much bike and swim all at once.

    In terms of “blocks” these are written into each of the 3 plans already (hard week, hard week, easy week pattern).



    Sounds good, Thank you David

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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