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Marathon Training Plan Taper

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    Hi Matt

    I’m reviewing the final week of the taper in level 2 marathon plan and notice that you have allocated a run on Friday (Marathon Sunday) which is the first time I have seen this previously it would be a rest day, What’s your thinking running on this day vs resting.

    David Warden

    Craig, I share the guideline of a day off 2 days before a race, and you’ll see that in all our triathlon plans.

    But, that belief is not universal, and other coaches think it is too much of a taper. Matt wrote the marathon plans and feels that is an unnecessary omission based on his time training with and coaching pro runners.

    But, remember, we write our plans for a “typical” runner. For some runners, that level of taper is the right approach.



    Thanks, David, I think that I will take the day off as this is my “A” race and don’t what to anything different from the past tapers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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