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Marathon training through injury

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    I am in the middle of training for Chicago Marathon 2021, marathon plan level 2. During the training, I have irritated my Piriformis muscle and not sure what is the best way to stay on track for my marathon and train through this injury. I searched several internet articles regarding this injury but didn’t find any clear guidance on what I should do.

    Speed work and hill work are really problematic for me currently, as those both significantly increase the level of irritation. For now, I have moved any speed and hill work to my Peloton bike and I am able to complete those workouts without pain or irritation. Clearly I am working different muscles so not sure the benefit I am getting other than the high intensity cardio workout. I’ve reduced my foundation runs by 50%, moving some of those workouts to the Peloton and others to open water swimming. I have prioritized completing my long runs per the level 2 marathon plan.

    Does anyone have other suggestions which may be helpful in getting back on track or tips that have worked for them? I’d really like to get more miles outside and stay on track for Chicago but don’t want to further aggravate my situation and miss the race. Thanks in advance! Mark


    I’ve had a piriformis injury and mine was nerve-related. The impingement was actually in my hip and the result of a structural condition and a labral tear. So my advice would be to seek medical attention until you find out the root cause.

    Next advice is to do what doesn’t hurt. Peloton bike is much closer to running than biking and it worked for me to get high heart rate intervals in. You can mimic a running workout as long as you are in your running heart rate zones. You can keep up your endurance by swimming…and this is how triathletes are born!

    Last advice is that you will either decide to race with an injury or not. I can tell you there have been times that I was so committed to a race that I ran through the pain, and other times that I took a step back, rested and reset my goals. You will pay either now or later, but your choice which is worse. Those are personal decisions and Matt’s latest book, the Comeback Quotient, is a great guide as to how some of the worlds greatest athletes make these kinds of decisions.

    Either way, have fun because this is supposed to be fun!

    David Warden


    So sorry to hear about your setback. The elliptical is another excellent way to maintain run fitness, and still continue with the high intensity, and the plan as written. Assuming the elliptical does not irritate the injury, you can maintain, and even gain, surprising amount of run fitness on the elliptical.

    Your other adjustments are right on: maintain as much aerobic volume as possible, switch high intensity to another sport, run as much as you can while still letting the injury have a trajectory towards healing.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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