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Marrying HR with pace

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    I just switched to the maintenance plan after my marathon. I originally used it back in spring when my marathons got canceled then. I accidentally got the HR plan instead of the pace plan (I was using, and have just used the L2 pace plan for marathon).

    I have noticed a large discrepancy between my pace zones (based on best HM performance through TrainingPeaks) and my HR zones. For example, 7:30mpm is bang in the middle of my Z2 pace zone, but that’s at the top end of my Z2 HR zone.

    My question is, have I just wrongly measured my HR zones, or could there be a different explanation? Is one week out from the marathon skewing my effort?

    By the way, thank you very much for making the plan free.

    Thank you!

    David Warden


    This issue is resolved by ensuring that you use one field test to capture the threshold of multiple intensity types as outlined in the documents Intensity Guidelines for Running or Intensity Guidelines for Triathlon. By measuring Pace, Power, and/or HR in a single test, the three intensity types will align.

    But remember, even if you capture Pace and HR threshold within the same test, HR will respond differently based on the environment. If your threshold test took place outside at 85 Fahrenheit, but then you run inside at 70 Fahrenheit, your HR will be 10 beats lower in that inside environment for the same pace.

    So HR and Pace zone will only align if a) they are identified in the same test and b) when performed in an environment similar to the one where the test was done.



    Thanks. I must admit I’ve never done a proper test, but estimated my zones based on 10k and HM pace. I guess I got them wrong.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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