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mentally dealing with setbacks?

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    im about to have my “b” race of the year. 70.3 in lubbock was a planned buildup to my first full distance in cozumel in november.

    a couple of months ago i was the unfortunate recipient of good ol’ covid. it wasnt terrible, but it did effect me. i was forced to take a break for about 2 weeks with a very gradual ramp back up to training. prior to this ive been in the best running fitness of my life, my bike FTP was the highest, and my swim still sucked but whatever. 😛 i went and “raced” an oly in austin a couple of weeks back and did fairly well, but still wasnt the performance i was looking for.

    a few days back my right achilles decided to get stupid on me and i cant run now. i found the speed i can jog slowly at (good ol’ Z1) that keeps me in a comfortable range of motion, but there went all my momentum for the run.

    i know this is “1st world problems” but im feeling very aggravated and frustrated. im trying to keep the perspective that this is all just for fun essentially and to help stay fit, but tri training asks a lot time and it seems that a lot of that time was for naught.

    how does everyone deal with setbacks forced time away?

    Matt Fitzgerald

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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