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    I know this is a training website rather than a gear website but I was curious any opinion on mid foot cleat position for cycling. You’ve mentioned Joe Friel and he appears to advocate for it. Was wondering if you’ve heard any testimonies from the greater tri community or had any opinions of your own you’d be willing to share.

    David Warden

    I’m a proponent of mid-foot. I shove my athletes’ cleats back as far as their shoes will allow. I don’t have any empirical evidence for this, just what I’ve always done. Would also like to hear about other’s position.

    What’s your favorite position?

    What is your favorite CLEAT position.



    Thanks David,

    What I’ve read makes sense. Never going to be in a peloton sprint finish or racing Alpe D’Huez so practically have little need to be on the ball of my foot. With the purported reduction in calf effort I could see how it could benefit the tri run.

    Probably going to give it a go as the adapters aren’t that expensive. May be a bit before I’m out on the bike again, but if I do make a trial of it I’ll report back my completely unscientific amateur opinion when the time comes.


    I also like my cleats as far back as possible. Actually, I feel that there is a better power transfer but certainly there is no evidence to prove it?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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