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Middle distance five weeks before Full

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    Hi there!

    Loving my Ironman Level 1 plan, adapted as best as possible with COVID restrictions in the UK and progressing far better than I thought possible!

    I’m working towards the Full Distance Outlaw triathlon which is still scheduled for the 25th of July – the way things are it looks like it will actually be happening.

    However the date was changed of the Middle Distance triathlon I had also signed up for, which is now on the 20th of June. This gives me 5 weeks between the 2 efforts.

    My plan is designed around the Full Distance event and I haven’t considered adjusting any of it yet to include any tapering for either event.
    I would love some advice on how best to go about this. My goal for the Middle will be to enjoy being back racing, so no real pressure. I’ve never done a Full Distance before so I would like to be as fit and fresh as I can get before that.

    I’m due to start the Race-Specific phase next Monday.

    Many thanks,
    Joe C

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Joe,

    Is the end date of your plan aligned with your iron-distance race, which hasn’t moved? So it’s just a matter of adjusting for the shorter event, which now falls one week closer to the full?

    Coach Matt


    Hi Matt!

    Yes, the plan is aligned with the iron-distance event. The middle was originally scheduled for 20th May so I wasn’t overly concerned about working around it. However with the date change of the shorter event, I assume I need to figure out some adjustments in order to taper for the middle distance, then use the 5-week gap to recover and taper for the iron distance.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Email me at matt@8020endurance.com and I will help you shuffle things around.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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