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Mixing Bike HR & Power

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    I originally purchased a Bike HR plan, but I recently acquired a smart trainer. When I’m on outdoor workouts, I’ll still have to use HR. If I’m riding indoors is there a way that I can do the workouts with power instead? Mainly interested due to the HR lag.

    On TrainingPeaks, I can go in and change the workout to %FTP, but are the zones still going to line up?

    If HR Zone 1 is 72-81% of my Threshold Heart Rate, is my Power Zone 1 also 72-81% of my FTP? And does this hold across the other zones?

    David Warden

    J, regretfully, TrainingPeaks does not make switching between intensity types easy. There are 4 solutions to this:

    1. You can get a copy of the Power plan just by asking us. Then you can unload and load the plan as you switch between the two intensity types. If you use a PMC, this will wreak havoc on your charts.

    2. Our Subscriptions gives you access to all the 80/20 workouts within TrainingPeaks, where you can just drag and drop the Power (or HR) version of the same workout to your calendar. This will still automatically sync to your device each day.

    3. You can use the free Workout Library to load a generic version of the workout. These workouts walk you through the structure of the workout, but without your custom zones, and it requires a somewhat complex manual import to your device (be sure to read the Q&A on that site).

    4. Believe it or not, we used to not have structured workouts at all. Like, just 3 years ago. So, train like you did 3 years ago. When the workout calls for “Zone 2” ignore the HR values that the workout gives, and just use your Zone 2 power (which you will have to memorize….like the old days).

    To answer your other direct question: no, you can’t just change the intensity type from HR to Power, as the %s do not line up. You CAN change the intensity type from HR to Power AND then change the %s of each section of the workout to the corresponding %s for that intensity type. That would be a pain, so stick with one of the 4 options above.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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