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Mixing in Rouvy (or Zwift) rides?

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    I’m really liking the 80/20 -> TrainingPeaks -> Rouvy flow for my bike training and was wondering what your thoughts on substituting a non-workout ride in Rouvy/Zwift (note that I’m on Rouvy but figure others might have the same question on Zwift).

    For example my bucket list is to do the Col du Tourmalet ride (which I did in real life once). This is pure climbing for 11 miles and I can’t see how that would fit into the workouts.

    Thx for any suggestions

    Matt Fitzgerald

    A ride like that wouldn’t fit into your plan in any meaningful sense, but you could make room for it. I consider it akin to adding a “B” race. The best times for these are on weekends in recovery weeks. The way to make room for them is to dial back on training for one or two days before and after the event. If you’re not necessarily aiming for maximum performance in the climb, it will suffice to swap out your scheduled weekend ride for the climb in a recovery week.


    Thanks Matt for the quick response. Sounds like a plan.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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