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    Using the 8020 Garmin datafield/app with a Garmin 945 and have just got a Stryd. Can I use any of the measures (HR/Power/Pace) if I have set them all up using a Simultaneous Threshold Test and plugging the figures into TP or can I only use the measure that matches the 8020 plan I have (eg Power or Pace). I currently have a Pace based plan and would like to use both Power (mainly) and Pace (a bit).


    David Warden


    Yes! This is a concept I wish more athletes understood. While the structured workouts feature only allow one primary intensity type at a time, you can use Pace, Power HR or RPE at anytime in a workout. For example, while your device for a particular workout segment might say “Zone 2: 210-240 watts” you can use HR or Pace zones for that segment. The only difference is that you have to memorize your HR and Pace zones, whereas your structured workout will “feed” you your custom zones on the device.

    Some athletes are stunned when I recommend they memorize their zones. But, structured workouts are only a few years old! Back in the “old days” (2017) there were no structured workouts and you had to not only memorize your Pace, Power or HR zones, you had to memorize the entire workout!

    Using multiple intensity type methods in a given workout was a common practice before structured workouts made us a bit lazy.



    Firstly, thank you for calling a 54 year old plodder an athlete!

    My memory stopped working well before 2017. Looks like I can configure the 8020 app will use the correct zones if I enter the FTP, HR and FTP. Am I right in thinking that the worse case is I just need to remember my workout in terms of zones (5Min Z1, 15 min Z2 etc) and then I can use any metric I want and monitor it using the app? Is that correct.

    On a Power Plan will it push the zones to my Garmin in terms of Power – so the watch tells me when Power is low etc? I ask as Power is not available as an Intensity Target in the Workout Builder but Pace and HR are.

    Many thanks

    David Warden

    Answer to first paragraph: Yes

    Answer to second paragraph: Maybe, it depends on your device. Some will and some won’t provide dynamic alerts for too high/too low.

    I don’t understand “Power is not available as an Intensity Target in the Workout Builder but Pace and HR are.” Tell me more.



    Thanks for replying on a Sunday!

    Re “I don’t understand “Power is not available as an Intensity Target in the Workout Builder but Pace and HR are.” Tell me more.”

    In Garmin connect you can create structured workouts, but only with Pace and HR as intensity targets – eg run 10 mins at HR 130-145. There is no option for using Power as an intensity target eg run 10 mins at 20-30W.

    My first Power based run is on Tuesday, so that will answer my question on how the Power based workouts are pushed to my watch.

    David Warden

    Ah, gotcha. Correct, Garmin Connect (GC) does not yet support structured Power workouts for the run (you can do it for the bike). Ironically, you can still create a structured workout for run power within TP, which will pass that workout to GC, which will pass that to your device. So, still possible, but via a 3rd party (TP).

    Or, if you use one of our Power run plans, this is already laid out for you by Power and it will sync to your (supported) Garmin device.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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