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New Book “Run Like a Pro

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    Hello @runmattrun and Ben Rosario, i’m Michele and I’m writing to you about Italy. I am thrilled for the new book. I have two questions:

    1) I am following the marathon program, I am in week 11 of level 3. Can I change and follow the new plan in the book or continue with the old one?

    2) In the new book, I don’t remember the page it says that to calculate the pace you use Pace smartphone app. But I can’t find it on the playstore, perhaps because I live in Italy. Could you recommend me a useful app to calculate the pace keeping in mind your guidelines. Thanks for everything and good racing

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi mikerun,

    When you say you are following the Level 3 Marathon Plan, do you mean the one offered on this website or the one in the book 80/20 RUNNING?

    The PACE app no longer exists, unfortunately. What is it that you’re trying to calculate? Your zones? You can do that here:

    80/20 Zone Calculator


    I follow the 80/20 endurance book plan. But the App is mentioned in the new book. I already use that of the site to calculate the pace. In the new book we talk about Stamina, Critical Velocity, threshold ventilation etc.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    All of those terms are defined in RUN LIKE A PRO. And if you switch to the online Level 3 Marathon, you will receive further guidance through the structured workouts it contains.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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