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No strength training with running plan?

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    Hi, I’ve started the level 0 10K running plan this week and I’m surprised there is no strength training recommended along side the program, surely this is just asking for injury?

    I got into running following the free, 12 week ‘none to run’ program, which had free videos detailing some basic strength training exercises, which I’ve been doing during the program.

    Have I missed something here as there’s a lot to get through on the ‘understanding your program’ page? I know there’s the option of completing some recommended strength exercises as a circuit in place of a foundation run but there doesn’t seem to be any general recommendation for exercises if you’re not doing that, at least that I have found. Does anyone else mix in strength training and if so, on what days do you complete them and how many times per week? Up to now, I tend to do my basic exercises straight after my runs (up to 3 times per week), I assume doing them on a rest day is a bad idea?

    Thank you for any help, appreciate it.



    I hope you enjoy your new training plan. Strength training is most definitely part of the 80/20 system. The plans for the 10K portion are just listed as a separate plan. There are both free and premium plans. Feel free to take a look at them here:

    I wish you a successful training cycle.


    Thank you Gerald, completely missed that.

    The free plan is showing as $4.95 when trying to add to TrainingPeaks, is it not really free or is this a TP fee? Thanks.


    All sorted, I had to use code ‘8020Strength’ to get it for free. Thanks again for your help.


    You are welcome. Glad I could help.


    @Gerald Thanks for helping @Newdent out with this query…
    We are big advocates for incorporating approach strength and mobility training to your endurance training plans!


    Your both very welcome. Happy to help.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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