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Number of swim workouts per week – planned vs. unplanned

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    Hi David,

    I am on the Level 2 IRONMAN 140.6 plan. Loving it so far! I read the guide a couple times and I apologize if I missed this or misunderstood. On some days where there is a swim workout listed and described, however, there is not a planned distance in bold on the calendar. I completed a swim workout today like that along with a bike workout that was on my calendar. After completing the swim, TP is telling me the swim was an “unplanned workout”. Are these swims optional? This week includes 4 swims which is a lot more than what I am used to.
    Thank you!

    David Warden


    It sounds like a timezone disconnect between your swim device/Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks. Make sure that all of your platforms and devices are set to the same timezone. If your planned workout is set for Dec 31, but the workout is completed on Jan 1, TP will consider it an unplanned workout. So if TP is on timezone A and the device is on timezone B, this is an unplanned workout.

    Or, if you miss the workout on Dec 31 and perform it on Jan 1, TP won’t move the workout. The Dec 31 workout will be marked as incomplete and the Jan 1 workout will be unplanned.

    The missing planned distance is strange. I’ve seen missing planned duration when a swim workout is moved, but not missing distance. Can you send me a screenshot of the week of training in TP with the missing swim distance highlighted.


    David Warden

    I, Thanks for the screen shots.

    OK, there are issues with planned duration and planned distance.

    Your planned duration is not showing up because your swim zones have not yet been identified. Follow our guide Understanding Your TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Plan and make you specifically add and setup 80/20 Swim pace zones, not just Default speed/pace zones.

    I can’t explain the planned distance disappearing. That is set in the workout and is not effected by setting up swim zones. I’ve confirmed that the IM Level 2 plans all have Distance specified for swim workouts in Week 4 and 5 (the weeks you are showing me).

    It’s possible that moving the swim workouts around might cause this. I recommend unapplying and re-applying the plan completely to reset the plan. If you still see unplanned Distance after Week 5, I’ll need to get into your calendar to take a look, and report back to me at that time.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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