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Online Version for Workout Descriptions

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    I purchased a physical copy of the 80/20 Triathlon book. I am creating an excel spreadsheet outlining my exact workouts up until my A race. I would love to be able to add the workout descriptions for each category of workout (ex. Cycling Tempo (CT) – The cycling Tempo workout does an excellent job of developing …) so that I can review what my goals are and extra details to consider. I was wondering if there was an online version that had all of this so that I could copy and paste rather than re-type it all from the book or need to flip to the back of the book and find the category description before each workout.

    Note: I am aware of the online workout library but as far as I can tell, that does not contain the details of each category of workout. THank you!

    David Warden

    Tyler, thanks for purchasing our book 80/20 Triathlon! Now available in Slovenian! (no, really, it was just published in Slovenia).

    See the Glossary of terms at the bottom of for those Workout Descriptions


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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