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Pairing 80/20 Strength Planning Workouts with Running Training Plans

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    I’ve just added a 10k Level 3 strength training plan to my 10k level 3 workout plan. This has created a couple of questions.

    I’ve added the plan to my calendar using the “end date” which is my race date. However, this doesn’t seem to have any logic behind it, the 2nd workouts are planned on Sunday’s which are the long slow distance days in the 80/20 running plan, and of course the Sunday of the race. It doesn’t make any sense to me to do strength workouts in combination with these running days (especially race day…). Additionally, there are several occasions when the training is on days that I’m scheduled to run twice, this doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me either. How should I coordinate the strength days with the running plan?

    Also, I’ve replaced the free strength work out with the premium purchased one. I immediately noticed there is no TSS score assigned to the workouts, thus changing my TSS projections in TP’s. How should I reconcile this?


    David Warden


    Thanks for using our plans, and sorry for the issue you are having. I’m confident that this can be resolved by a) unloading the strength plan b) noting the start date of your 10K Level 3 plan, and c) loading the strength plan with the same start date of your main 10K plan.

    The reason is that the 10K plan workouts continue all the way to the race date, but the last strength workout is several days before race day. If you apply the strength plan with an end date, it will place the last strength workout on the same day as your race, and mis-align all other strength workouts! So, use the start date only for the strength plan that matches your 10K start date.

    We could possibly resolve this by creating a “blank” strength workout on the last day. Cosmetically, I don’t like that, but it would avoid this issue.

    Regarding the TSS, we don’t yet have TSS in our free plugins, it is on our list of to-dos. It’s possible that in order to maintain the value and distinction between the free and premium plans, we won’t add TSS to the free plans. For now, you can enter a TSS of 30 for a 45-minute strength workout and 40 TSS for an hour strength workout.


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