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Pes Anserine Bursitis

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    So this has cropped up. I’m 4 weeks out from HIM race. I’ve been kicking ass and nailing the training. Strong, improving, feeling great.

    Then a knee twitch becomes an ache over night after Tuesday speedwork, and after a trip to the PT (needling, laser, taping, cupping and a long list of exercises), knee bursitis confirmed.

    I did my 2 hour trainer ride no problem on Thursday.

    Today is RT3. I think I should skip??

    Tomorrow a 2hr/1hr brick. Which I will attempt.

    I have mild to no pain walking at this point (4 days off running on it).

    I dont know what my question even is – other than, I’m totally freaking out about how to deal with this and my training for the next 4 weeks to this race that I have/had full intentions of crushing.


    Matt Fitzgerald

    No need to freak out. Respect your pain, but don’t fear it. The way forward is to modify your training as much but also as little as necessary to keep the pain at or below an acceptable limit. This mean avoiding hills, or speed, or hard surfaces for the time being (these are just random examples to illustrate the point). Don’t take anything off the table unless common sense and symptoms tell you that you need to. I’ve been where you are MANY times and it almost always works out okay if you embrace the process I’ve just described. I call it scrambling (as in golf when you hit a bad tee shot and need to get creative to salvage par).


    thanks matt. i grew up playing golf, so i get you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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