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    Hi David,

    this is a follow-up question on this threat as I couldn’t post there anymore: link

    first off I’d like to thank you for your advice on how to customize my Run Maintenance plan. Since I use the structural training (since 16 March) my VO2max increased by 7 points and my Training status is Productive according Garmin:
    training status

    My Run Maintenance plan ends in one month and I’m eager to buy a new one but I’m not sure which one would be more suitable for me. I don’t race, just want to be fit and able to run comfortably long distances. Here is a summary of my training since 2014 – running and biking: My stats

    Additionally, since one year a do yoga and strength training 3-4 times per week.

    I am 43y/ 180cm/78kg. I have access to trails and actually I prefer trail running but don’t mind running on road.

    I am considering to choose either “50M and 100K Level 0” or “50M and 100K Level 1” and combining running with strength, yoga and biking as x-training.

    Many thanks for your time and effort in advance!

    Kind regards,

    David Warden


    Thank you for your kind comments. I’m really happy to hear about your success! Thank you for sharing your stats, and I’m impressed you’ve kept those records for so long.

    A healthy lifestyle surely includes regular exercise, so your goal to train without a race in mind is great. However, I feel that the Ultra plans might be more than necessary. It’s a matter of diminishing returns. You’ll get 95% of the benefit from exercise at 6 hours a week. Anything beyond that is unnecessary for general health BUT if you enjoy the exercise, and it does not interfere with other priorities, then of course more than 6 hours a week might be perfect for you.

    I would propose that you look at it this way: how many hours a week of exercise maximizes your happiness? Let’s say it’s 12 hours a week. If so, 4 hours of yoga leaves 8 hours for other exercises, and if that 8 hours is going to be running for you then yes, the Ultra 50 Mile plans would be a perfect fit. But, if you only need 8 hours a week to maximize your happiness, then 3 hours yoga and a Marathon plan might be a better fit.

    Keep in mind that running 8+ hours a week for 52 weeks a year will eventually lead to over-training in most athletes. You could be a genetic exception, but consider either giving yourself periodic breaks from running, or as you have said already, it is wise to add in cross-training exercises to supplement the running.



    thank you for the analysis and your recommendation. I’ve never compared my training duration with happiness but you do have a point! Especially in my case where I wouldn’t train for a race but just be happy in the process following my schedule. I made some calculation and the last 6 months my average is 7hr training in a week. So it really makes more sense to me now to choose a plan which timewise allows me to cross-train 30-40% of the time and be happy. I definitely shall reach out in one month in case of any follow-up questions. Thank you and have a nice weekend!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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