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Plan Switch?

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    I started the level 2 70.3 plan based on the ‘goal of finishing their next half in a personal best time’ bit. I have raced 3 times (at Augusta – read: hot as shit) – and am looking to get under 6hrs at Chatanooga in May.

    Previous training was always super half-assed self guided and roughly following random internet plans. Swim would be 2x’s a week if that, and never drills or speedwork, just mindless laps. Never more than 1600m. Runs were a handful of midweek miles and one long run on the weekend – peaking at maybe 11 miles. Never any consistent speedwork, none of the workouts arranged in any meaningful way with recovery in mind, and everything in Z3. 😂.

    Bikes would be maybe a Sufferfest video a week on the trainer, maybe a mindless hour spin watching a show, and then a long outdoor ride of 20-40 on the weekend. Probably everything always in Z3. And max mileage never exceeding race distance.

    The results show that I’m a fairly decent rider and swimmer – and a shitty off-the-bike runner. I came into multisport as a runner ironically, though I have yet to break a 2hr HM. My fastest 5k is 25:49 (8:18pace). FWIW.
    Looking at my results, it seems that I’m well balanced when it comes to ride/swim – but the run is clearly my low hanging fruit.

    AG results of the 3 races.

    43/180 – 24%
    52/145 – 36%
    49/181 – 27%
    52/180 – 29%
    33/145 – 23%
    38/181 – 21%
    90/180 – 50%
    75/145 – 52%
    82/181 – 45%

    I started the training period following Be Iron Fit’s plan. I was intrigued by the idea of HR training, and thinking maybe that’s what I needed to get faster. It was pretty mild. Granted it was base-building phase, it still felt really unchallenging/productive – and the volume was super low.

    I decided to switch over to 80/20. I’m in week 8. Started in week 5 and it was peaking then and a huge jump from where I was at the time (volume and intensity). 3 weeks in and I am feeling pretty whooped. General fatigue. I’m hitting the markers during workouts and feel very capable of doing them – its the rest in between where I feel drained.

    I get 8hrs a night. I track macros – and my calories are close to 2000 to support the training (so i think) (im 5’4 and 114lbs). I’m not even doing the sunday swim bc it just feels like too much (and i hate swimming). At this rate I can’t imagine adding in any crosstraining or weight lifting.

    Bottom line. I just want to get under 6hrs for this race. I want to improve my run – even if it means slowing my back down a bit. Maintain my swim. I’m not looking to gain a bunch of time in the water. And my transitions are always solid.

    Do I need to just bump down to Level 1????

    HALP! Thanks in advance!


    lord. BIKE. not slowing my back down….

    David Warden


    Welcome to the forums!

    Based on your feedback, the Level 1 plan will get you under 6 hours. I’d prefer an athlete on the Level 1 plan with strength training than the Level 2 plan without. You’ll also get better results adhering to the Level 1 plan 95% than the Level 2 plan 90%. Consistency is key.

    However, the Level 1 plan will get you under 6 hours only if you adhere to the plan exactly.

    And, you can always switch back to the Level 2, right? If you’re just hammered, go back to Level 1, maybe 8 weeks later you’re feeling strong and can get back to Level 2.



    Thanks David. I don’t see why the adherence would be a problem I’m completely dialed into Level 2 with the exception of the sunday swim i don’t wanna do lol. (and not because i dont have the energy for it, i just really hate spending time doing laps).

    I feel like with very little training, given my previous races, that I am fairly competitive in the swim. I’d probably benefit most from some form/technique drills which ive never done, and haven’t yet incorporated into the Z1 sets.

    I just don’t see that the swim is where I’m going to get the time gains. I’m leaving so much out there on my run….

    That is interesting that your recommendation would be level 1 + strength training vs. level 2 without the bandwidth to work that in.

    If I wanted to wade into level 1 – and then possibly back to 2 – how would I coordinate that with TP?

    Thanks for the input!

    David Warden


    To switch from Level 1 to Level 2, use our Level Guarantee to request the other plan. Then, simply unapply the Level 2 plan and apply the Level 1 plan setting the end date of your 70.3, not the start date, so that the plan automatically backfills. Then, do the same in reverse, unapply the Level 1 plan and apply the Level 2 plan using the end, not start, date of the plan.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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