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Planning 2022 training

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    Jeremy Hutchinson

    I’m currently trying to work out my training for next year. A couple of weeks ago I failed to complete my A race, 102 trail miles on the Cotswold Way (12,000 ft ascent) having followed the 80/20 Running: 2021 Edition Ultra 100 Mile Level 2 (Power-based, 5.5 to 11.5 Hours per Week). It wasn’t the fault of the plan I failed to complete, got to 95 miles and gave in to avoid potential injury as couldn’t face the 3-4 hour walk to finish with knee pain caused by muscle tightness and then twisting it 5 miles earlier.

    So I’m targeting it again next year, should be around 3rd September, but I’m also planning on a South Wales Traverse which is approx 77 miles and 18,000 ft ascent hitting all the peaks over 2000 ft, and plan on this for the start of June.

    In prep for this, I’m thinking of following the 100-mile plan again, starting in January. I’ve then got 15 weeks I think before the Cotswold Way. Would I be ok in jumping into 100 mile plan again at about week 9 after a week or two of recovery?

    I’ll also need to find and complete a 40+ mile race as a qualifier for the Cotswold Way, prior to the SWT, though this will be done as long training run rather than racing.

    Matt Fitzgerald


    The training sequence you proposed should work fine. You might want to modify your first week back on the 100-mile plan after your two-week recovery to make it a little more base-like (90/10 vs. 80/20) and ease the transition to full training.

    Coach Matt

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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