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Postponed Race – how to adapt the 23 weeks L2 IM Plan

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    Hello there

    My L2 IM Plan (using the one from 80/20 book which I manually adapted to my Trainingspeaks acount) for Challenge Roth started on 25th January and I am now in week 4 (revovery week).
    Now Roth is postponed to the 05. September and I want to adapt my plan.

    I started with structured training middle of november and first did the maintenance plan through middle of january, than had a little break and tested my treshholds before starting the 23w L2 Plan.

    Now I have overthought some options, but are not sure what to do, since it’s a long way till september. I already have build up some nice base form which I don’t want to loose.

    Option A:
    Just re-doing Weeks 1-4 and afterwards doing an additional week “off or freestyle do what you want training” including testing my tresholds. Then starting formal 23weeks on 29march again.
    It’s an extended base phase with additional hours and km’s. On the negative side it’s maybe little bit boring, because i do the first weeks cycle in summary 3 times. Formwise there will be no really big gain in additional CTL, more like hovering around. (actual CTL is 67)

    Option B:
    Just train freestyle and maybe doing some “Block training”, for example, if the weather is fine riding more my bike, or doing a running block, back-to-back trainings, collecting some more running miles in a week – like an overload and then proper recovery from it?

    Option C:
    Using the first weeks of IM L1 Plan until the L2 restarts end of march….(less hours, less volume) – probably loosing fitness but could have additional “recovery”

    Or is there another good option do you can recommend?

    Greetings from germany 😉

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Stefan,

    I like Option B. It gives you a chance to make choices that keep your enjoyment level high and to shore up weaknesses. I wouldn’t worry too much about losing fitness. As long as you keep fit enough to restart the plan smoothly when it’s time, you’ll be fine.

    Coach Matt

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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