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    I’m a runner only. I run rolling hills on the majority of my training sessions.

    I get pretty good correlation with the estimated rTSS on my runs with the Training Peaks and 80/20 Structured Workouts if I execute at the mid-range paces as indicated on my Garmin FR945.

    I enjoy slipping in an occasional trail run when one becomes available in a training segment, but they don’t fit the normal effort for me – they’re hard.

    I’m curious about anyone who has experience tracking power vs pace running and what they can share regarding the merits of each… (I’m trying to decide if switching to power on some workouts is worth the investment).


    I did some “testing”



    PS: I still run by power 🙂

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    I guess I don’t know how power information used.

    From the perspective of training load I can look at normalized graded pace & duration as external loads, and heart rate and RPE as internal loads and I feel I have a good indication of where my fitness is at at that point in time, and from experience I know where my weaknesses are.

    How do the pros use power to improve their running? When I train by pace I have control by cadence and stride length – easy. What do you do to control power?


    If we are talking about short term \ current run controlling of power it’s also controlling pace but factoring all the other conditions and parameters like slope and wind as you cannot change your running technique on the fly.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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