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Power plan and heart rate reestablish

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    Good afternoon

    When confirming my levels during a rest week, I prefer to do a ftp test on the trainer in place of the CT31 workout. The website says”

    [Note that with the full 20-minute protocol, the need to perform separate tests for LTHR and FTP is dispensed with entirely if you have a device that captures both heart rate and power, as this enables you to establish LTHR and FTP in the same field test.]

    What is the best way to confirm my heart rate zones from a ftp test. Do I use my average for the 20 minute effort? Is heartrate somewhere less important when doing a power and power plan?

    David Warden


    This is also in that same document, Intensity guidelines for Triathlon. 95% of average 20-minute HR.* So, in your case, you’ll just do a 20-minute TT and take 95% of both average HR and Power.

    If you have not yet established your TP, you can find your LTHR independently through a time trial. Begin with a warm-up that consists of 15 minutes of easy jogging with a few 15-second surges at the pace you intend to run for the time trial. Next, increase your effort to the highest level you feel you can sustain for 20 minutes and hit the lap button on your heart rate monitor watch. At the end of the 20-minute time-trial, hit the lap button again. Your LTHR is 95% of your average heart rate in beats per minute (BPM). So, for example, if your average HR in the 20-minute time trial is 170 BPM, your LTHR is (170 x 0.95 =) 162 BPM. Or, enter your 20-minute result into the appropriate field in the 80/20 Zone Calculator.


    *Matt and I are considering changing this to 100% of 20-minutes. With Masters athletes in particular, we’re finding that they are having trouble getting HR up fast enough.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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