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Power Training using native Garmin Power


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    What are some best practices for configuring a Garmin, the available apps, data fields and settings for native Garmin Power training? I’m a new user and I’m thinking about switching to a 80/20 Power plan. I have a Fenix 6X, a Garmin Running Dynamics pod and a Polar H10 HRM. I prefer to use what I currently have opposed to purchasing a Stryd at this time. From the analysis I’ve seen, they are both viable power meters and no one can say which is the truer measure.


    Hi – until this year I have always trained for running based on heart rate zones. This year I switched to Stryd and use power to determine my effort.

    I use the 80/20 running zones app on my Garmin forerunner 945 watch to ensure that I am training in the right zone and that I am maintaining my 80/20 ratio on the run. I also run using the TrainingPeaks structured workouts that download to my Garmin connect and to my watch.

    I would say that the biggest difference between the Stryd pod and the Garmin Running dynamics pod is that Stryd measures running power, and Garmin measures 6 elements of running efficiency but not power.

    Hope that helps



    I have been using Garmin power for a couple weeks for the same reasons. The main issue is the Garmin will not display running power within the Training Peaks workout screen. It will be displayed as a separate data field you can install from Garmin Connect. I’ve found that is workable for me.

    In regards to a question if Stryd or Garmin or better, they are different but both accurate. Their data isn’t directly comparable between systems. Their data is accurate within the same system.

    Here is what David provided to me when asked about using Garmin Power with a TP workout:

    This issue is addressed in our document Understanding Your TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Plan but I’ve included the relevant section below for your convenience:

    Q: When using Power for my running structured workout on a Garmin, I can’t see real-time power or target power on the same data screen or I just see a symbol.

    A: This is a known issue, as Garmin and Stryd have not yet worked out a complete solution for structured workouts and power.

    For athletes using a Stryd plus a Garmin device, the best solution is the Stryd Workout App for your Garmin watch. This will allow for all relevant data to be displayed with the same workout screen. A video tutorial can be found here.

    For athletes using a Garmin Power device, or Stryd users on older Garmin devices that do not support the Stryd app, there are a few other workarounds for this:

    Turn on auto-scroll so the device rotates between the structured workouts screen and your real-time power screen.
    Change the workout type for the run workout(s) in TrainingPeaks from Run to Bike. This will force the Garmin device to accept the Stryd feed as a cycling power meter, and the structured workout will display real-time power in the same structured workout screen. When the workout is complete, change the completed workouts type back to Run in TrainingPeaks.
    Use an Apple Watch. The Stryd app with an Apple Watch allows you to see real-time power and a prompt telling you if you are in the correct zone.
    Consider the 80/20 Zones Garmin app, which will not completely resolve the issue, but it does display real-time run power and current 80/20 zone on the same screen.


    I tried the Garmin power app for a couple of runs, but the data does not line up with with pace and HR and there are problems that RunRevCollins mentioned.
    Power is work output. Your power reading may be super high but you might not move fast because of high vertical oscillation. It makes sense to look at power and pace over time and see if you move faster with the same amount of power output. Your efficiency has increased in that case.
    But for me, I will switch back to run pace and bike power. IMO there is too much hassle with Garmin power, TrainingPeaks and even 80/20 data fields app. The 80/20 app doesn’t know how to read Garmin power so that field is not showing up.

    Happy training!


    Thanks to all for your thoughtful replies.

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