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Proper Way to Combine Plans?

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    I will complete the 10K Level II run plan and race in a couple of weeks. I want to follow that with a 5K race seven weeks later and wold like to use the 5K Level III plan to prepare.

    I can add the 5K Plan to my Training Peaks Calendar by setting the end date to my 5K race. This will mean deleting a couple of weeks at the start of the to where I have only a week or so of training before starting the 5K race specific training.

    I was thinking to take a couple of days of complete rest and a couple of recovery run days, then jump right into the 5K Plan, but what is best practice?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    It’s usually feasible to get two peak race performances off of one base, but not three. So, what you’re proposing ought to work. As I always feel compelled to say when I field versions of this question, if I were working with you one-on-one, I wouldn’t just grab the last 6.5 weeks of a prebuilt plan and slap them onto your calendar. Instead I would fill those 6.5 weeks with a bespoke plan that bore some resemblance to the last 6.5 weeks of a full 5K plan but was different in some important details. Again, though, what you’re proposing is basically fine. Just don’t try to do another “A” race without first completing a full base-building period.


    Rats. I already registered for the 5k. It’s now a “B” race.

    Rather than make the same mistake twice, what would be a reasonable transition from plan-to-plan? Break after completing a plan; preparation; etc.? I’m interested in 5K, 10K, and (maybe) 1/2 Marathon plan combinations.

    Thanks, Charles

    Matt Fitzgerald

    I think you misunderstood me. It’s totally doable to run a 5K as an “A” race seven weeks after running a 10K as an “A” race as long as there are no other “A” races completed at peak fitness prior to the 10K within the same cycle. All I meant to say is that you’d get slightly better results in the 5K with a seven-week plan created specifically for those exact conditions than you will get from a prebuilt plan with the base lopped off.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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