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    Hey team,

    Hope everyone is well. I have a question around power and pace. I’ve been running via power this block and am finding my pace seems down a little from last block when looking at the pace numbers in the session. I do only use power in the session just revisit the pace after the session.

    Any idea why this might be occurring? My hr measures up zones but the pace seems off. I run mostly flat very few hills so that’s not N issue. Love to hear your thoughts



    You might check your charts in the analysis section post workout on Training Peaks.

    When running Power I find that I slow down more running inclines than when running Pace. Also, Power leads Pace, so you might see a reduction there as well.

    It’s probably nothing, just the nature of the way they track effort. I personally find that running with Power is “easier” because it guards against excursions into higher intensities than workout objectives.


    Hey Charles,

    I agree with all your statements and find similar things with up hill and overall. I guess my question was about improvement. I also think I just want it now and have to be taught to wait



    “I also think I just want it now and have to be taught to wait”

    I’m sure that is a mental adjustment we have all faced. When I first started these plans my watch would report my pace at each kilometer and I would react and try to get a new segment PR only to be overcooked for my next workout. Better is to trust the system, I find that the results are remarkable following a proper build, specific distance training, an taper… I turned of all extraneous reports.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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