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R10K3 workout placement.

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    I’m doing the 10K Level 1 power plan for this cycle. The week before the race, the plan has the R10K3 workout places in the middle of the week. This 10.3 mile (2:30:00) run seems out of place for the plan. The weekly long runs are only 1:30:00. Is this the correct workout? If so, what is the thought that close to race day?


    I forgot to mention that based on my personal situation, I’ll most likely be replacing it. I have a 15K race the Saturday just prior and my ’10k’ is actually a 8K that is on Thursday the following week (not Sat). In addition, I have a 5K race the night before the 8K. I just think it will be too much for me to do a 15K, four days later do a 10 mile workout, then 7 days later do a 5k/8k combo.


    Hi Gerald,
    That workout is correct in the plan. As it is a distance based workout this is what is making it seem long on your plan.
    It sounds like you have some conflicting races.events that would mean this workout will be replaced by some higher intensity events around this date. But if you didn’t have those events for instance – in your scenario I would recommend for this particular workout that you do a normal time based warm up: 4 mins Zone, 10mins Z2, then 6-8 1km intervals at 10km pace (your estimated 10km) pace, followed by 10 mins Z2 then 5min Z1. That would most likely make this session not as long as it is stating.



    Thanks Leyla,

    I was just checking. And yes, I do have some conflicting races necessitating some adjustments on my end.

    The 15K is put on by a buddy of mine that is selling his race company. This will most likely be his last race as the owner of the company. It was the only race of his I hadn’t run. Just couldn’t miss it.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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