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    Hey David and Matt, thanks for all what you do.

    I have two situations here. I’ll try to be quick!

    1. My wife and I are doing the Tri Oly L2. (Finishing this Sun)

    Week #17 rather off (only some swimming) because she had a small pain behind the knee after a ride. She went to a physio #1 and recommended to stop running for some days and instead ride easily.

    Week #18, I kept training as we had a race coming last Sun. She continued swimming and riding indoors in Z1 to check on the pain.
    She had a couple of more physio and initially it was thought it had been the popliteus, but then she was told it was more the calf…
    Second week of no running for her and all rides in Z1 and no much improvement. Kept swimming.

    Week #18 I won my age group in the sprint and placed Top 10 (decided that distance due to the week #17 off and for testing my form) felt really well.

    Week #19 She went (yesterday) to a different physio #2, she got acupuncture and was told it’s not major and it is muscular. She was given the green light to start training progressively.
    We finish the Oly Plan this weekend.
    We’ll have another race in 3 weeks (Dec 13th). She wants to go for the Sprint. I’ll go for the Oly this time.

    • What should she do regarding training in order to readjust and be fine for December race?
    • What should I do to maintain the good form gained until the race?

    2. There are some more races coming I will like to race (we would like to race), but not sure about the volume (many races) and how to approach them training-wise. Also, there is a jump to 70.3 I would like to do.

    70.3 / Jan 23rd (within 9wks)
    Olympic / Feb 28th (14wks)
    IM70.3 / March 6th (15wks)
    Olympic / March 28th (18wks)

    • Should I go for the 70.3 in Jan (taking advantage of the endurance built) or skip it and go for the one in March and use the Feb Oly as a “test”?
    • How to approach the other short races?

    I know it’s too much to answer… but I want to get the best of the season without burning myself (ourselves) out. I like training and racing smart, so I can go hard. I would like your wisdom 🙂

    Much appreciated. And cheers from NZ.

    Isabel & Jose


    Hi David,
    I forgot to add that all those Oly races also have the Sprint distance available.

    Thanks again.

    David Warden


    – For your wife, I recommend she pick up at week 14 of the plan, then week 15, and then 19. Nothing but Zone 1-2 running for the first week, then low Zone 3 running is allowed for the second, and no Zone 4-5 for any week (replace with high Zone 3). No reason she can’t do the Oly.
    – For you, repeat Week 18 2x, then Week 19 for the final week (3 weeks total).

    For 2021:

    – Skipping the Jan 23 70.3 is best, but dong it is not a terrible idea. You can pull this off with the 70.3 Level 1 plan. It won’t be your best 70.3 performance, but you’ll finish and the volume for the final 9 weeks increases naturally from the Oly volume you just finished.
    – If you do skip the Jan 70.3, take a week off after the Dec Oly, then load your 70.3 plan (Level 2) for the March event and finish the final 14 weeks of that plan.
    – The Feb Oly becomes a problem in any scenario. Just too close to the 70.3 the next week. The only way to do this race is all Zone 2 or low Zone X: it needs to be a 70.3 brick, not a Zone 3 Oly. If you race it Zone 3, it will significantly reduce your 70.3 performance.
    – The March Oly is no problem. Take a week off after the 70.3, then use the last 2 weeks of the Oly plan.

    What a fun 2021!



    Hi David,
    We are really thankful for your detailed answer and your support.
    We’ll follow your instructions and let you know how it goes.

    Isabel should get the green light for running tomorrow after her physio (fingers crossed). – She’s a bit worried she hasn’t run for a month…-

    She’s also racing the 70.3 in March, so I assume all this applies to the both of us…

    One additional question:
    In case Isabel couldn’t race in 2 weeks, she just keeps with the plan described above, right?

    Thanks again and keep in touch in case more questions arise.

    Isabel & Jose

    David Warden

    If Isabel is not cleared to race, yes, she can continue with the plan as written BUT also consistent with her physio’s recommendation. For example, the physio might ask her to not run for a week or two. In this case, the running can be replaced with cycling. Isabel would perform the run workout as written, but on the bike instead.


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